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Welcome to
Aria's Science Ltd.

We are a team of machine learning, deep learning and AI experts, empowering organisations by giving them the tools they need to solve business problems by harnessing their data.

We believe in "clear box" science and pride ourselves in building advanced deep learning and machine learning models that not only produces highly accurate results but also explains the levers behind each predicted outcome.

Clear, concise and
actionable data

Put your data to work for predicting future trends, understanding your customer dynamics, optimising your marketing budgets to name just a few applications.

Step 01.


We need to carefully examine the data that your organisation has, in order to determine if there is enough to build a workable solution. As such we conduct a comprehensive investigation of your business and the data you have collected to then map that back to your business goals.

Step 02.

Proof of Concept

We can then move to identify the source of the problem and recognise the underlying patterns that attribute to it. We’ll build data insights which will allow us to understand the framework of the solution and then build the AI solution at a smaller scale as a proof of concept to make sure we are building something that is actionable and aligned with the business objective.

Step 03.


Once the proof of concept is successful and signed off by the business we then build the grand architecture to scale this to the entire business. Again, we do not do this in one iteration but over several iterations expanding the scope little by little and adapting our approach as we go along. We do this in a fast and efficient manner, so that our overall solution never drifts away from the ultimate business goal.

Step 04.


Once we have scaled this to the extent required, we then convert this solution into either a self-serve tool or a self-serve service that hosts within the clients internal infrastructure and run by clients internal team if they have the resource to do that. We pride ourselves in building robust solutions that reduces ongoing support costs for the business and helps them to focus on utilizing the output from the solution to optimize their business.

Step 05.


Once the solution has been deployed and hosted in our client's system we provide extensive support on either training internal employees on how to use the tool / service or running the regular operations ourselves. We try to adapt our solution to the clients need and our sole objective is to get to the outcome required for the solution to reach its ultimate goal.

Working with businesses
at every scale

Each client poses their own challenge and unique data for compiling. We enjoy working with business of all sizes to help them harness their data.

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We are not just a group of AI experts. Each of our experts has substantial experience working in banking, CPG, healthcare, retail and many other sectors. We understand the need for practical solutions that can be implemented quickly and effectively, and it is that runs through every solution we provide.

Compared to the competition we are extremely competitive. We work from open source, but more importantly we are a relatively small start up. As such, we make significant cost savings on our overheads, and we can pass these onto you. You will be pleasantly surprised not only with our expert problem solving, but with the cost of our services.

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