Our Core Team

We believe in having complementary skills and using our data science networks to scale up according to the business need. We are definitely a small company but we operate in a smart & efficient way. Our Core Team is in heart of every solution we develop and a wide variety of skillsets help us in catering to varied business problems across any Industry who are willing to solve their business problems through their biggest asset called "Data".




Debonil Chowdhury

Data Scientist ( Founder )

Debonil has been working on building statistical models & deploying machine learning techniques for last 10-15 years. His main expertise is in Machine Learning & Deep Learning techniques. He has extensive experience in building highly complex models ranging from demand forecasting in supply chain to anomaly detection in online stream data. He is key to solving every problem we take up. His involvement is in every project and he is the main architect behind each of our high tech solutions. 



Nigel Nicholson

Data Scientist

Nigel Nicholson is an expert in using customer data and data science to help companies grow sales and win customer loyalty. He has 16 years’ experience working for Dunnhumby, the company behind Tesco’s Clubcard success. He continues to be hands-on, building data science models and data visualisations that add value for clients, as well as consulting on data science strategy. He holds a MSc in Operational Research from the University of Warwick and has recently completed a course in Applied Data Science from the University of Michigan.



Stuart Rothwell

Data Scientist

Stuart Rothwell’s career includes a wealth of experience applying data science and analytics to real world business challenges across a variety of industries.

A large part of Stuart’s career has been as a senior analytical leader with specialist data science consultancy Dunnhumby; his proudest achievements include working on site in Seoul, South Korea leading the analytical proof of concept work that led to the client signing a long term worldwide agreement, and also leading the start-up of the firm’s India based analytics hub, designing the recruiting, training and ways of working processes.



Ramya Menon

Data Scientist

With over 10 years of experience in data analytics across various industries including e-commerce, Ramya brings to the team a critical analytical viewpoint which is essential in building high tech solutions. Her long stint with eBay helps us cater to the region of e-commerce and applying Machine Learning to help business drive value. She is pivotal in framing technical requirements with the clients. Her ability to convert business problems into technical requirements is key to our every successful project.



Gunjan Bhadra

Data Engineer

When it comes to setting up infrastructure to build AI solutions, Gunjan is our key person. He has over 10 years of experience in Data Engineering space spanning across Banking , Insurance and Consulting industries. His skills are vital for efficiency and robustness of our solutions. Starting from server scope management to data warehousing and implementing machine learning as a service on Big Data platforms , his expertise helps us to manage cost by being super efficient and fast in our project delivery. 



Indranil Chowdhury


MA , MPhil in Economics, Indranil is the intellectual think tank behind solving business problems. His expertise in Econometrics and Mathematical Methods help us find the right solution even when the problem seems very difficult to solve. He has been teaching Economics & Mathematical Methods for more than 15 years. He is proficient in recent economic theoretical developments and throws a very different angle to our solutions. He is also versed with open source softwares and is highly passionate about time series methodologies. 

 We are Here to Help

Apart from the core team who are central to our operation, we have a massive network of freelancers across UK , India , US & LATAM. Our Core team is always involved in projects and the crowd sourcing freelancing model helps us scale according to the business need.