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data audits with Arias Science Data Analytics in UK

Phase I

Data Audit

This is the data assessment stage, where we scrutinise your data in detail and try to assess whether it is comprehensive enough to solve your business problem. At the end of this phase we recommend whether we go/no go to the next stage – if it is a no, we will identify what it will take to move on to the next phase. We do not want you to drain your capital on an endeavour which will not succeed, and this step ensures that we have enough data and are confident that we will be able to meet your expectations.


Diagnostics with our Data Analytics in UK

Phase II


Once confident in the data, we then build initial data insights to understand the analytical direction the project needs to take to solve the problem. This stage is a diagnostic and allows us to identify the root cause and underlying patterns that need to be rectified in order to solve the business problem. At the end of this stage we share key insights to your business which will be enough to action upon. Alternatively, this may indicate to us, the need to build data science tools which will help us move you through to the next phase.

Empower your business with Arias Science ltd

Phase III


Dependent upon what we understand from our diagnostic, we then start to develop the tool set that would empower your business to track and solve the problem. These toolsets range from creating simple dashboards using a Power BI dashboard/tableau to building software as a service tool with machine learning/deep learning at the back end.

Again, this is very much driven by the previous phase which will inform us as to what the business will need to take care of the problem. As such the tool can be as simple as a dashboard or can be as complex as fully-fledged predictive models which can be set up as a service, behind an online web portal.

Deploy solutions with our Data Analytics in UK

Phase IV


This is the deployment phase of our engagement, where we take the solution built in the previous phase and automate it. It is then configured to run on its own and deployed in your infrastructure. This infrastructure can range from on-premise servers to cloud based infrastructure. At the end of this stage we deploy cutting edge technology and methods to automate the solution and scale it to whatever your needs are.


Ongoing support with Arias Science ltd

Phase V

On Going Support 

Once we deploy the solution, we then provide support in maintaining the tool/product for a set period of time (agreed with the you), to help with the adoption of the product within the business.






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